vorstermans architects auto barn

Auto Barn

At its heart this project is just a simple single car garage with a studio (bedroom and ensuite) over, but with a little flare and a striking colour scheme, something a little different has been created. It was designed as a haven for the client who lives in a multi-generational family home on the same site.
The upper level studio is accessed via an external stair and small covered deck, positioned to the north end of the building to take advantage of the sun and provide a small private outdoor area. Budget was a strong consideration of the project, and keeping the function, form and materials simple was a major driver. Even so, a few simple moves have created something special and unique. The front of the building presents as a simple two storey volume with a monopitch roof, however, a diagonal ridge line allows the eaves to flare out at the back (north end) of the garage studio, and create a dynamic form that is a little out of the ordinary. The lively angles of the roof are further enhanced by the subtle tilt of the balustrade, and the stair that angles out to meet the post supporting the north deck eave corner.

Garages tend to come across as small, functional buildings, so the colour scheme for this one was devised as a counterpoint. Metal cladding, especially a corrugated profile, can also end up looking a like an industrial shed, but here the base colour of black gives a sleek, sophisticated look, which is in keeping with the contemporary and dynamic form. The touch of orange however, takes the edge off the starkness, and brings a little vibrancy and playfulness. The dark exterior is also offset by the interior colour scheme which is light and bright. Being a small structure, the colour scheme was kept very simple so as to enhance and offset the form.

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