vorstermans architects hillside house (NZAA winner)




We are primarily a full-service architectural practice, with the ability to take you through all stages of the process from brief to completion of the build.

vorstermans architects hillside house (NZAA winner)
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    Initial Consultation
    This is a no-obligation meeting for us to get to know about each other and gather information on your brief. We’ll discuss your project, your budget, your programme, and what services you are looking to engage us for. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about us, our services, or the design & construction process. Once we have enough information from you, we’ll prepare a proposal that outlines all this and forms the basis of the ‘Agreement for Architects Services’. We’ll also try and give you an idea of the other professionals you’ll likely need to be involved in your project, such as topographical surveyors, engineers, asbestos surveyors etc. We’ll help you with engaging these other consultants as your project progresses.
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    One you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll begin to gather the information we need in order to be able to produce a solution to your brief. This may include information about the site, any existing buildings, and the building regulations that apply to your project. It may also involve engaging other consultants like a topographical surveyor. If you don’t already have a brief, then it may also involve us working with you to create one for your project. Sometimes this stage is carried out concurrently alongside one or more of the design stages.
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    These are the very first ideas we produce as a solution to your brief. They will focus on the big-picture solutions to the key aspects of your brief rather than the small details. The concept idea/s will often present challenges to the brief, but also opportunities or ideas you may not have considered. This stage will also begin to look at the District Plan requirements, and we’ll advise you if it is likely you’ll need a Resource Consent.
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    Preliminary Design

    Once we’ve had a meeting with you, we’ll take the chosen concept, and adjust it to reflect your feedback. It’s important to get the big-picture solution to the project brief right at this stage, as big changes later on will mean more time & cost. At the end of this stage the big-picture design solution will be set, and we usually recommend engaging a Quantity Surveyor to provide a cost estimate for your project. After this we may need to go through an additional project stage, called value management, if we need to adjust your budget & project scope so they are more in-line with each other.
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    Developed Design

    This is where we’ll decide on the materials & finishes and take a more in-depth look at the design of spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. If we haven’t already, we will also get any other consultants needed involved, such as a Structural Engineer. Once we’ve completed this stage, all the main decisions should be made, and we aim to “freeze” the design.
  • 06.

    Detailed Documentation
    Once the design of the project is set, we’ll start to create the technical information and documentation that will be required by both the Council and the builder. We’ll also coordinate the work of any other consultants required, like a Structural Engineer. The documentation produced at the stage ensures that the majority of compliance & construction information is addressed, but there will likely be additional information required during the remaining project stages to clarify and add to this.
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    Procurement & Consent
    We discuss and agree on a specific procurement strategy for your project from a range of options including negotiation with a specific builder, or tender to a selected list. We’ll also prepare a construction contract that sets out the terms and conditions under which the builder will be engaged. Once the tenders are received we’ll evaluate their submissions, and provide you with our advice. During this stage, we will also work through the Building Consent process with the Council.
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    This is the exciting part of the project, where you get to see your imagination come to life! In a full-service engagement, we will have two roles in this stage, firstly to administer the contract between you and the builder, and also to observe the work as it’s being built. We monitor the construction costs, and make sure you understand the payments that need to be made. We also make sure the building is being constructed in accordance with the documents, and are available to answer any questions the builder, or you, may have. Once the construction is complete, we’ll do a full inspection of the work, and then give you the go-ahead to move in.
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    Post Construction
    As you move in and start to enjoy your new space, we’ll help to make sure any issues are sorted out. It’s normal for there to be a few minor issues that arise during the settling in period, and that’s why every build has a Defects Liability Period. During this time, we’ll work with you and the builder to make sure that these are reviewed and sorted out in a timely manner.
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