• Skills Needed:
    Wellington District Child Protection Team
  • Client:
    Koru House
  • Project URL:
    Mainzeal Interiors

Interior fitout, purpose designed to house the Wellington District Child Protection Team in one location. Consists of a workspace and associated utilities, and the child evidential interview suite.

This fitout had the dual purpose of both housing a team from more than four different agencies, as well as providing the child evidential interview suite for the Wellington Region. Issues such as security of the work space, privacy for the families, and acoustic privacy of interviews had to be carefully thought through.

The brief for the fitout was to provide a space that did not identify with a police station or any of the other stakeholders involved in the project. With this in mind, careful attention was given to a colour scheme that would work well in an office space, but be vibrant and engaging for children. Strategies for capturing the imaginations of children were implemented with the inclusion of themes, graphics, and artworks.