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We have wide experience in both residential and commercial work. We enjoy working on all projects types from new build houses, to alterations and additions for existing dwellings, commercial new builds and interior fit outs.

Our process begins with listening to our clients to ascertain their needs, and working together within the budget to deliver the project. We add value by questioning, testing and exploring ideas throughout the process to arrive at the best solution. We like to share knowledge and ideas with all of the project team, believing the process should be enjoyable and rewarding for all involved. We believe that good relationships and clear communication with all project members are the foundation to a successful project.

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Our Team



I completed my studies in Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington in 1982. Gained a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors in 1983. Following work experience in Wellington obtained registration as an architect in 1985.

My special fields of competence are in architectural restoration/refurbishment work (both residential and commercial), architectural design, documentation and administration of alterations to or new residential and commercial buildings. Feasibility studies for: group-housing schemes, comprehensive land developments, industrial and commercial developments. Interior office fit-out work. Project management of building contracts.

R L Vorstermans has had twenty two years of experience working within New Zealand.



Chris Taylor was born and lived in the Netherlands for 18 years, studied Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art – Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh Scotland, graduating with   Architecture BA Hons and Post Graduate Diploma. Chris has been working at Vorstermans Architects since 2005, and is working towards registering as Architect in New Zealand.Chris enjoys building good  relationships  with the project team: during the design process working with the client on their project, and then with consultants and contractors  involved to deliver the project, which hopefully exceeds the clients expectations when complete.

Chris is passionate about  design, ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) – or without the label,  good, sensible design with interests  in site responsive buildings, with clear design intent that  highlight  how the building and its occupants fit into the wider environment. “Good” design can be applied to every project of any scale and budget, and can positively improve and create interesting, efficient, healthy spaces for the occupants.



Growing up in Wellington has given me a real love for this city and it’s architecture. I enjoy every aspect of architecture, from design right through to construction, and feel privileged to be part of the process of helping people’s dreams become a reality. To me, architecture is very much a team effort, and everyone from the client to the contractor has an important part to play, each adding their own vision and expertise to the project. Working as an architect brings a new challenge every day, and I hope to continue being challenged, surprised, and inspired by the process well into the future.



Finn Sansom attended Victoria University, completing his Masters degree in architecture in 2015. He then joined the Vorstermans team as a junior architectural graduate.

Finn is particularly interested in industrial buildings and corporate architecture. Important to Finn is the idea that architecture should benefit those from all walks of life and that the design should communicate the specific character of all those involved, not just that of the designer.

For his thesis Finn considered the impact of program and experience in a way specific to a Company’s brand experience. He specifically viewed this in the context of a Marlborough Winery. Of particular importance to Finn in his thesis were the boundaries that existed in the winery between the industrial and public spaces.



Gerard Dombroski moved to Wellington to study Architecture at Victoria University in the beginning of 2009.  Having since completed a Masters in architecture he picked up a role here at Vorstermans as our junior architectural graduate.

Gerard has a passion for the architectural climate surrounding the Christian Church; this informed the subject of his thesis focused around ‘Threshold’. His investigation attempted to blur sacred and secular ownership of space through architectural form, programme, envelope and materiality.

Gerard fosters an enthusiastic perspective toward the creation of the built environment, from concept to construction. Architecture is more than a job to Gerard—it is a passion that extends well beyond the four walls of the office. He is often found at home wielding a hammer building furniture or reimagining the space in which he and his friends dwell. He is excited and driven by what the future may hold, or look like.



Annie works as our team administrator and is responsible for the smooth running of the office. With her great love of renovating and design she is right at home working in the creative atmosphere of an Architecture practice. She also has qualifications in marketing and Journalism.

As well as being our administrator Annie produces our brochures, quarterly newsletter and keeps our Website up to date. She maintains our online presence through social media platforms Pinterest and Facebook.

Out of work hours she is an avid Gardener and is involved in several community Garden projects. At present she is part of the team fundraising for a Children’s Garden in Wellington’s Botanic Garden and sits on the committee of the friends of the botanic gardens.